Lessor Profiles now available in Beta

Lessor Profiles (Beta) have been released and are currently available to users of Fleets Analyzer. These new profiles are similar to the recently released Airline Profiles.

The new profiles make it easy to see the percentage of a lessor’s fleet that is currently on lease, and also the fleet breakdown by owned vs managed.

In order to access Lessor Profiles, please see the information provided on the Fleets Analyzer homepage.

screenshot of a lessor summary
Figure 1. The high-level lessor summary as shown on the top of the Lessor Profile Fleet tab.

Easily see the lessors clients, and which aircraft they have leased.
Figure 2. Easily see a lessor’s clients, and which aircraft they have leased.

Airline Profiles – April updates

Although the new Airline Profiles (Fleet summary) were released just last week, we already have a few enhancements to announce:

  1. You can now make charts and tables full screen.
  2. The ability to hide the filter panel has been made clearer.
  3. Links to new profiles on old profiles (available Thur 22nd).
  4. ‘Letter of Intent’ has now changed to ‘LOI’.
  5. Standard\Dashboard version: Ownership section text changed.

For information on each enhancement, please see the details below:

Continue reading “”

Early access to new Airline Profiles

Users of Fleets Analyzer can now get early access to new Airline Profiles. The new Airline Profiles include: filtering, grouping, data visualisations, information on the age distribution of a fleet, and detailed ownership and lessor information. To get access, please see the instructions available from the Fleets Analyzer homepage.

Aircraft build location

We are pleased to announce that we have recently added Build Location to Fleets Analyzer. Build location represents the final assembly location and is assigned to individual aircraft.

In total, we have added build location to over 173,000 aircraft across all market groups. For the commercial fleet, we have build location for 88% of delivered aircraft. Continue reading “”

Accident information on aircraft profiles

Aircraft accident information was included as part of the new PDF aircraft profiles released earlier this week, and today’s release will bring the same data to our web based aircraft profiles. Rather than being a single line event within the existing aircraft history table, accident data resides within its own dedicated table, located directly below the history table on the ‘A/C History’ tab. Continue reading “”

PDF Aircraft Profiles

We’re pleased to announce the release of a new version of our aircraft profiles. This new version, available in PDF format, has been designed specifically for download\print. For each Commercial aircraft (other market groups to follow) you will now be able to download a version of the profiles not just from the aircraft profile pages themselves, but also directly from the search result pages. Continue reading “”