Airline Profiles – April updates

Although the new Airline Profiles (Fleet summary) were released just last week, we already have a few enhancements to announce:

  1. You can now make charts and tables full screen.
  2. The ability to hide the filter panel has been made clearer.
  3. Links to new profiles on old profiles (available Thur 22nd).
  4. ‘Letter of Intent’ has now changed to ‘LOI’.
  5. Standard\Dashboard version: Ownership section text changed.

For information on each enhancement, please see the details below:

Full screen charts and tables

This is the big enhancement in this release. You now have the ability to make each table and chart fill your window. This is especially important for the Lessor and Detail table that can contain many rows and columns. The enlarge icon can be found in the top-right corner of each table and chart.

Animation showing a table displayed full screen
The new full screen feature for tables and charts

Hide the filter panel

We’ve made it clearer that the filter panel can be collapsed. The panel border will now change to blue on hover, and the collapse icon will follow you as you scroll the page. It’s a small change, but collapsing the panel can be useful if you are viewing the page on small laptop screens.

animation showing the filter panel being collapsed
Hiding the filter panel.

Open new Profiles from old Profiles (available Thur 22nd)

Until new profiles replaces old profiles (or we allow users to set a preference), the links in Fleets Analyzer and Dashboard will continue to point to old profiles. To make things a little easier, each old profile will include a link to take you directly to the new version.

image of new link to take users to new profiles
Jump directly from the old fleet summary to the new fleet summary.

Other changes

For the sake of brevity, ‘Letter of Intent to Option’ and ‘Letter of Intent to Order’ have been changed to ‘LOI to Option’, and ‘LOI to Order’.

On the Standard\Dashboard version of Airline profiles, the ‘Ownership’ section has been renamed to ‘Ownership (Owner Operator, Operating Lease, etc.)’ to make it clear that this section contains the new ownership relationships, and not simply a list of the owners.