Projection Module: The Retirement Model

Why are there so many retirements during the current period?

When using the Projections tab within Fleets Analyzer, and showing Retirement events, you may notice a large number of events during the current period (month, quarter, year), along with a corresponding drop in the number of in-service aircraft.

When there is no known retirement date for an aircraft, under the Projections tab, a basic retirements model is used. The model uses the following rules: Continue reading “”

Aircraft build location

We are pleased to announce that we have recently added Build Location to Fleets Analyzer. Build location represents the final assembly location and is assigned to individual aircraft.

In total, we have added build location to over 173,000 aircraft across all market groups. For the commercial fleet, we have build location for 88% of delivered aircraft. Continue reading “”

Team Share

Sharing your Saved Searches with other users within your organisation is a great way to make sure that everyone is using the same data and viewing the same reports. For large organisations with many Fleets Analyzer users, it’s quite easy to become overwhelmed with shared Saved Searches. In order to combat this “over sharing”, we’ve just added a new addition to the sharing options. In addition to sharing your Saved Searches with all the users within your organisation, you can now share with ‘specific people and/or groups’. Continue reading “”

Updated Field Picker

The ‘Field Picker’ (used when selecting columns, groups, metrics etc.) has been updated to ensure that the full name of fields is always visible, and no longer truncated. The old Field Picker is shown below in Figure 1, with the updated version shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1. The old Field Picker.

Figure 2. The new Field Picker.

Participants filter

In November 2017, we introduced the Participants field to Flight Fleets Analyzer as an optional column on the Aircraft Detail page, and in the header of aircraft profile pages.

Definition: Participant in a financial transaction, such as a loan, mortgage, tax lease, etc. The role of each participant could include (but is not limited to) arranger, debt provider, equity provider, guarantor, etc

To help find aircraft associated with specific Participants, we recently introduced the Participants filter. The Participant role differs slightly from the other nine company roles (Owner, Operator, etc) in that there can be multiple participants associated with an aircraft at any single point in time. Selecting multiple companies within the Participants filter will return aircraft if they are associated with any of the Participants: for example, Participant 1 OR Participant 2. This is shown in the example in Figure 1. Continue reading “”

New ‘Order Book’ Saved Search

We’ve created a new Saved Search titled ‘Order Book’. This search shows the Gross Orders, Cancellations, Net Orders, and Total Deliveries change over time. The search has been built with filters applied for 737 and A320 Families.

The quickest way to launch this search is via the ‘Run a saved search’ search box on the homepage.

Figure 1. Running the new Order Book search from the homepage.

Feedback request – proposed new Aircraft PDF/Print Profiles

The current technical solution to printing aircraft profiles is to create a new web page that stacks the contents of each individual aircraft profile tab – for example, A/C History, Hours & Cycles, Maintenance, etc. This simple solution relies on the web browser to handle the printing. Unfortunately, this is far from ideal. For this reason we have been working hard to design a new solution that does not rely on the web-based version of the aircraft profile at all; instead, it’s a brand new aircraft profile formatted specifically for PDF (A4/Letter landscape). Not only will the print experience be far better, but the PDF can be downloaded and saved for offline use.

The PDF versions of profiles will also: Continue reading “”