Projection Module: The Retirement Model

Why are there so many retirements during the current period?

When using the Projections tab within Fleets Analyzer, and showing Retirement events, you may notice a large number of events during the current period (month, quarter, year), along with a corresponding drop in the number of in-service aircraft.

When there is no known retirement date for an aircraft, under the Projections tab, a basic retirements model is used. The model uses the following rules: Continue reading “”

Aircraft build location

We are pleased to announce that we have recently added Build Location to Fleets Analyzer. Build location represents the final assembly location and is assigned to individual aircraft.

In total, we have added build location to over 173,000 aircraft across all market groups. For the commercial fleet, we have build location for 88% of delivered aircraft. Continue reading “”

Accident information on aircraft profiles

Aircraft accident information was included as part of the new PDF aircraft profiles released earlier this week, and today’s release will bring the same data to our web based aircraft profiles. Rather than being a single line event within the existing aircraft history table, accident data resides within its own dedicated table, located directly below the history table on the ‘A/C History’ tab. Continue reading “”

PDF Aircraft Profiles

We’re pleased to announce the release of a new version of our aircraft profiles. This new version, available in PDF format, has been designed specifically for download\print. For each Commercial aircraft (other market groups to follow) you will now be able to download a version of the profiles not just from the aircraft profile pages themselves, but also directly from the search result pages. Continue reading “”

Better aircraft profile search

In this release we are very pleased to announce an update to the Quick Profile Search. The old version of this search allowed you to search for an aircraft via MSN or registration (old, current and future). We had a lot of feedback from users stating that after entering an MSN or registration they still had to scroll through multiple results to find the specific aircraft they were searching for. In this update you can now append your MSN/Reg search with the manufacturer or type in order to further filter your results. This will typically return only a single aircraft. View the animations below to see the new feature in action. Continue reading “”

Country of Registration

Today we’re pleased to announce that we’re adding a new field, “Country of Registration” to Fleets Analyzer. This new field covers 99.9% of in-service aircraft (approx. 184k as at today’s date)

Country of Registration can be found in the following locations across Fleets Analyzer. Continue reading “”

Release Notes v17.3

On Wednesday 16 October we will be releasing the following enhancements:

  • Quick Profile Search now only requires 2 characters
  • Getting Started widget updated with FAQ and Status links
  • Search results tables now display up to 53% more data per page
  • Expand search results tables

Continue reading “”