Turkey changed to Turkiye

To bring our data in line with IATA standards, we have recently changed the country name of Turkey to Turkiye.

All operator and company names within Turkiye remain unchanged unless they officially update their names.

If you had Saved Searches that included filters for Turkey, please check them and update if necessary.

Russia/Ukraine fleet data update

Aircraft status

Due to the ongoing situation with Russia/Ukraine, Cirium has adopted a seven-day inactivity rule for Russian-operated aircraft, within our flight-status data. All aircraft involved are checked daily to see if there are periods of inactivity against that tolerance. We return aircraft to service when there is evidence that they are active and operating a series of flights, with one-off ferry flights tracked as storage location changes. When we do observe inactivity, we use the Parked event until more information is known about the ownership situation of the aircraft (see below). Continue reading “”

328 Support Services changed to Deutsche Aircraft GmbH

On 27th September 2021, 328 Support Services GmbH (328SSG) – Type Certificate holder for the D328®aircraft – officially became Deutsche Aircraft GmbH. You’ll now find this name change reflected within Fleets Analyzer.


Engine taxonomy changes

Based on market feedback from customers, this weekend we will be making a number of changes to our engine taxonomy. For those customers who have Saved Searches that include engine models, you may need to update your Saved Searches after the changes have been made to ensure that your Saved Searches still work as expected. A full list of changes is included in the Excel file linked below.