Engine taxonomy changes

Based on market feedback from customers, this weekend we will be making a number of changes to our engine taxonomy. For those customers who have Saved Searches that include engine models, you may need to update your Saved Searches after the changes have been made to ensure that your Saved Searches still work as expected. A full list of changes is included in the Excel file linked below.


A330neo taxonomy update

To standardise our taxonomy for the A330 type, we have amended the Master Series for the A330neo types from the generic A330neo to the relevant A330-800neo and A330-900neo.

Please be aware that any Saved Searches that include the A330neo as a filter option may need to be updated.

OEM name changes

Based on customer feedback, we are making a series of OEM name changes to bring our data up to date with our policy of reflecting the current support OEM. These name changes will be implemented in Fleets Analyzer from 8 July.
IMPORTANT: if you have Saved Searches that contain the aircraft types or manufacturers listed in the table below, then please open your Saved Search (after 2pm 8th July – UK time) and update if necessary.

Aircraft Type Old Manufacturer New Manufacturer
DHC-8 Bombardier (De Havilland) De Havilland Canada
DHC-4 Bombardier (De Havilland) Viking Air
Convair 540 Bombardier (Canadair) General Dynamics
Convair 580 Bombardier (Canadair) General Dynamics
Kodiak Quest Daher
SC.7 Skyvan Bombardier (Shorts) Viking Air
Short 330 Bombardier (Shorts) Viking Air
Short 360 Bombardier (Shorts) Viking Air
Tucano Bombardier (Shorts) Embraer

New usage type: Spares Use / Parts Reclamation

Based on customer feedback, we have introduced a new type of ‘usage’ to our database. The new usage is ‘Spares Use / Parts Reclamation’.

This usage will be applied to aircraft when those aircraft have been acquired by a company/military air arm purely for spares use (sometimes referred to as “non-fliers” or “donor” airframes).

This new usage will always be applied to aircraft that are in storage, and would typically be followed by a retirement event.

This new usage will initially only be applied on our business aviation, helicopter and military datasets, as well as military operated examples of types in our commercial dataset.

New Air Tractor types added

We are pleased to announce the release of the turbine powered versions of the Air Tractor family – Air Tractor AT-402, AT-602, AT-802. Powered by the popular PT6 engine family, these types have been requested by customers for the last few years and we are pleased to release these to continue to react to the needs of our customers. Continue reading “”

Helicopter taxonomy updates

In response to feedback from customers, we are pleased to announce some taxonomy changes to our helicopter types.

For the AW139, we have now added Short Nose and Long Nose modifiers.

Short and Long nose added as Modifier.
Figure 1. Short and Long nose added as Modifier.

For the the H145 / EC145 family, to help customers find models we have tried to incorporate their technical and marketing descriptions so we have updated the sub series as follows: Continue reading “”

China, Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan – Name alterations


Following feedback from some clients we have taken the decision to standardise our naming conventions for China, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

From this week these territories are now represented as follows:

  • China
  • Hong Kong SAR
  • Macau SAR
  • Taiwan

For those unaware, the “SAR” stands for Special Administrative Region.

As ever, if you have any queries about any data then get in touch at dataupdates@cirium.com