Participants filter

In November 2017, we introduced the Participants field to Flight Fleets Analyzer as an optional column on the Aircraft Detail page, and in the header of aircraft profile pages.

Definition: Participant in a financial transaction, such as a loan, mortgage, tax lease, etc. The role of each participant could include (but is not limited to) arranger, debt provider, equity provider, guarantor, etc

To help find aircraft associated with specific Participants, we recently introduced the Participants filter. The Participant role differs slightly from the other nine company roles (Owner, Operator, etc) in that there can be multiple participants associated with an aircraft at any single point in time. Selecting multiple companies within the Participants filter will return aircraft if they are associated with any of the Participants: for example, Participant 1 OR Participant 2. This is shown in the example in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Aircraft results when two companies are added using the Participants filter

The Participants filter can be accessed via the Add Filter Menu, under the Companies heading, in the same location as Owner, Operator, Manager, etc.