Search Example: Viewing individual aircraft total hours and period hours for Delta Air Lines’ A320s

In this example, we’re going to show the trend in total hours and period hours for Delta Air Lines’ A320s.

  1. Go to the Aircraft section, Detail tab.
  2. In the Quick Filter Search (QFS) type “A320” and select A320 under the Aircraft Type category.
  3. In the QFS type “Delta Air” and select Delta Air Lines under the Operators category.
  4. In the QFS type “in service” and select In Service under the Status category. You should see around 69 aircraft in the grid.
  5. Now click on the Trend tab, and when presented with Add/Remove grouping dialogue, remove the defaults groups and add the following from under the Age and identification heading: Flightglobal ID and Registration. Then click Accept.
  6. When presented with the Select metrics dialogue, remove the defaults, and add the following from under the Hours and Cycles heading: Total Cumulative Hours, and Total Period Hours.
  7. Now select the calendar picker in the top left and select 2010 – 2015, Yearly.
  8. You should now see around 138 rows (69 aircraft x 2 metrics) similar to that shown below (Figure 1).

Grouping by FG ID (a unique key for individual aircraft) essentially creates a grouping of individual aircraft, and by also adding registration, we have given ourselves an easy way to identify each aircraft.

Figure 1. Total hours and period hours at individual aircraft level (click image to view full size).