Search Example: How is the global fleet of EC135s currently utilised?

In this example, we are going to look at how the in service EC135’s are being utilised.

  1. Start on the Aircraft Section, Detail tab.
  2. In the Quick Filter Search (QFS) type “H135” and then select both H135/EC135 (Airbus Helicopters) and H135/EC135 (RUAG Aerospace Ltd).
  3. In the QFS type “in service” and select in service in the Status category. You should see around 1150 aircraft in the grid.
  4. Now move over to the Summary Tab and group by Primary Usage.
  5. As you’ve filtered by in service aircraft only it’s worth customising the columns on the Summary tab, I’d suggested including Total In Service, Average Age, Age Range, and Total Operators.
  6. Now click the Total In Service column header and select Sort descending.
  7. Now click the Chart Tab which is located just above the Add/Remove Columns button.
Figure 1. How the current fleet of EC135s are utilised (click image to view full size).
Figure 2. The same data as shown in the Chart view (click image to view full size).