Search Example: Exposure and risk of the helicopter fleet over the last 10-years

In this example, we are going to review the development of helicopter fleet and see if the industry is getting more or less safe in the last 10 years by looking at exposure and risk. For this, we shall review how the number of accidents changed versus changes in active helicopter fleet.

  1. Start in the Aircraft section, Trend tab.
  2. Adjust the dates to show the last 10 years.
  3. In the QFS type in Helicopter, select Helicopter as Aircraft Market Sector filter.
  4. Set grouping as Market Class to get more insight into how the fleet of different classes of helicopters has been developing.
  5. Select metrics ‘Total in Service’, ‘Total On Order’ and ‘Total in Storage’ to focus on the most relevant figures. Your screen would look like the image shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1. In Service and On Order helicopters by Market Class (click image to view full size).

  1. Let us now review the accidents that relate to the same period. Go to the Accidents section, Detail view.
  2. Go to the Date & Identification filter in the Accidents section and select the date range to show the last 10 years.
  3. As this returns quite a large number of accidents, let us filter it to show just the fatal ones. Type in ‘Fatal’ in the QFS, select Fatal Accident filter, tick Fatal. This has reduced the number significantly.
  4. Sort by Accident date to see how the numbers changed throughout the years. Your screen would look like is shown in Figure 50 . You can save and/or export your search to work on the data further, for instance, build a time graph to visualise the number of accidents vs number of aircraft.
Figure 2. Fatal helicopter accidents over the last 10-years (click image to view full size).