Release Notes v7.8

The following new features have been added in this release:

  • Fleet Maintenance tab – Total Contracts column
  • Maintenance Contracts tab
  • Aircraft Availability filters
  • Aircraft Availability grouping and columns on the Aircraft Summary tab

Fleet Maintenance tab – Total Contracts column

On the Fleet Maintenance tab (where each row lists a maintenance need), we’ve added a new Total Contracts column. This column shows the number of current contracts that are satisfying each maintenance need. Clicking on the number in the column will open a sub-grid and display the relevant contracts.

Figure 1. Current A320 airframe maintenance needs for each operator, along with the number of relevant contracts (click image to view full size)

Maintenance Contracts tab

A new Maintenance Contracts tab has been added in the Maintenance section. Each row in this view lists a maintenance need along with the operator and the contracted MRO provider. You can add columns to show contract start and end dates, contract duration, contract ID, etc.

Figure 2. Airframe maintenance needs and their respective contract IDs (click image to view full size)

Aircraft filters will affect the Maintenance Contracts view, but we’ve also introduced some specific filters so you can filter by contract holder and MRO provider.

Figure 3. New filter group for the Maintenance Contracts tab