Feedback request – proposed new Aircraft PDF/Print Profiles

The current technical solution to printing aircraft profiles is to create a new web page that stacks the contents of each individual aircraft profile tab – for example, A/C History, Hours & Cycles, Maintenance, etc. This simple solution relies on the web browser to handle the printing. Unfortunately, this is far from ideal. For this reason we have been working hard to design a new solution that does not rely on the web-based version of the aircraft profile at all; instead, it’s a brand new aircraft profile formatted specifically for PDF (A4/Letter landscape). Not only will the print experience be far better, but the PDF can be downloaded and saved for offline use.

The PDF versions of profiles will also:

  • display aircraft accident information
  • include all our seating and interiors data
  • be tailored individually for the commercial, business-jet, military, and helicopter classes
  • be shorter (a profile for a commercial aircraft will be 4-5 pages; military aircraft will be a single page)
  • be available from the search-results grids (rather than just the individual profile pages, as is the case today)
  • include a date stamp (so you know when it was generated)
  • have a consistent layout (so it’s easy to compare printed profiles side-by-side)
  • have a much-improved summary page

You can download the mock-up for a commercial aircraft here. The solution is still in the design stage, so any feedback on the mock-up would be greatly appreciated. Please send it directly to me at

Figure 1: The new PDF/print aircraft profile (left) and the current print version (right) for the same aircraft