Subscribe to Knowledge Base articles

If you’d like to be informed of new Knowledge Base articles then we recommend you subscribe using one of the RSS links listed below. You can either choose to subscribe to all articles (we expect to publish around one article each week) or, if you are only interested in a specific category, then you can choose only to receive updates for that category e.g. Release Notes.

Beneath the subscription links below, you’ll find instructions on how to subscribe¬†using MS Outlook.

Subscribe via MS Outlook

Right-click on the subscription link above and select “copy link address”.

Figure 1. Copy the subscription link to which you want to subscribe.

In Outlook, below your Inbox folder you should see a folder named “RSS Subscriptions”. Right-click on this and select “Add a New RSS Feed…”.

Figure 2. Add a new RSS feed.

In the “New RSS Feed” dialogue that appears, paste in the subscription link, and then click “Add”.

Figure 3. Paste in the link you previously copied.

When the confirmation dialogue appears, click “Yes”.

Figure 4. Confirm your subscription.

The subscription folder in Outlook will then download any Knowledge Base articles. Whenever a new article is published to the Knowledge Base, it will automatically appear in Outlook, in the RSS folder. You can treat these likes emails i.e. mark them as read, share them, flag them etc. But, unlike emails, you control the subscription. If you no longer wish to receive the updates, simply right-click on the subscription folder, and select “delete folder”

Figure 6. Knowledge Base articles appearing in Outlook.