Searching for a saved search

This is a sneak peek at an upcoming feature, due to be released later this month (September).

On the homepage, you can currently search for and launch an aircraft profile or a company profile. But if you want to launch a saved search, you have to navigate to the Saved Search page. In the next release (assuming testing is successful), we’re adding a third search box on the homepage. This will search all saved searches (yours, those shared with you, and those created by FlightGlobal). The results dropdown will show the owner of the saved search, as well as the relevant section.

Figure 1. The new Saved Search search box (click to view full size)

No mouse required

In addition to adding a new search field, we’ve made a small but useful enhancement¬†to the set of search fields. When the homepage is loaded, the cursor focus will default to the first search box, i.e. aircraft profiles. This means that you can simply type an MSN, and if your desired result is top of the list, simply hit “Enter” and the aircraft profile will load; there is no need to reach for the mouse. If you’d prefer to search for a company or saved search, then simply hit the¬†“Tab” key to navigate between the search options.

In the animation below, I’ve loaded the homepage, tabbed until the focus is in the Saved Search search field, found the saved search I’m interested in, and then run that search, all without my hands leaving the keyboard. It’s a small change, but for those users who frequently visit the homepage simply to a find and launch a profile, we hope it will be welcome.

Figure 2. Searching and launching a saved search from the homepage (click to view full size)