Search Example: Find original usage for 767s and compare with their usage today

In this example, we’re going to look at the fleet of Boeing 767s along with their original primary usage, and compare this with their primary usage at today’s date.

  1. Go to the Aircraft Events section.
  2. In the Quick Filter Search (QFS) type “767” and select 767 under the Aircraft Type category.
  3. In the QFS type “delivered” and select Delivered (Hand over) under the Detail Events Types category. You should see around 1000 767 aircraft delivery events in the grid.
  4. Click the Add/Remove Columns button, remove the default columns and add the following: New Aircraft Sub-Series, New Primary Usage and Current Primary Usage.
  5. Now click the Event Date column header and Sort Ascending. You’ll notice that all the original deliveries (in 1982) were for passenger aircraft, but as you scroll through the grid you’ll notice that many have since been converted to Freight/Cargo (Figure 1).
Figure 1. 767 deliveries with the original and current usage (click image to view full size).

  1. Now click the Summary tab, and in the Add/Remove Grouping window select New Primary Usage in the Usage category (at the very bottom of the list).
  2. Click the Add/Remove Columns button, remove the defaults, and add Total Unique Aircraft. You should now see around four rows, one for each Primary Usage at the point of delivery (Figure 2).
Figure 2. 767s grouped by original primary usage (click image to view full size).