Search Example: Filtering multiple aircraft by serial/registration/line/aircraft ID

In this example, we’re going to use the Aircraft section and populate the results grid with a specific set of aircraft. Rather than using coarse filters such as Aircraft Type etc., we’re going to filter by individual aircraft using multiple registration numbers. After we have the set of aircraft we’re interested in, we’re then going to save the search so we can view the aircraft again at a later date. This is a useful feature if you’re responsible for monitoring a particular group of aircraft that cannot be filtered by other means.

  1. Go to the Aircraft section.
  2. Click the Add Filter Menu.
  3. On the Age & Identification page, in the Registration numbers text box, enter the following registration numbers separated by commas; F-WWBA, JY-JAC, VT-EPB, and VT-EPC. The results grid should be populated with four aircraft (Figure 1).
Figure 1. Four aircraft filtered using multiple registration numbers (click image to view full size).

We’ve used registration numbers, but could have used serial numbers, line numbers, or aircraft IDs. Aircraft ID is a FlightGlobal identifier which is unique to individual aircraft.

Now select the Save icon from the title bar, and give the search a name a brief description (Figure 2).

Figure 2. The Save Search dialogue.

If you wish to find these four aircraft again and see their current status, simply open up the saved search. Saved searches save the query and the configuration of the grid, not the search result. So when you open a search in future the parameters associated with the aircraft might have changed, e.g. new operators, new manager etc.