Search Example: Searching for Industry Contact Details

Sourcing people contact details (name, job title, email etc.) within the industry; be it for operator, manager or MRO organisations is a common task for many Fleets Analyzer users.  There are two main ways to do this:

1)  Direct search via the Companies Module

Figure 1. Direct Company search

If you know the specific organisation, go straight to the Companies Module/ People tab and begin to type in the name via the Quick Filter box.   Select the Company name from the list.

Alternatively, you can do a wider organisational search using the Company filter options available via the Add Filter Menu button e.g. I want to find maintenance contacts for North American-based, low-cost airlines.

Figure 2. General Company Search Example using Filters

2) Searching for contacts details via a fleet search

Where you need to retrieve contacts for companies associated with a particular fleet characteristic, such as the aircraft series, engine or APU operated, you will need to begin by performing a standard fleet search from the Aircraft Module.  Once complete, simply click on the grey column header (such as Operator) and select ‘Companies in this Role’.

Figure 3. Companies in this role, via fleet search.

The organisations will then be mapped from the fleet results into the Companies module, where you can proceed to the People tab.

3) Searching for contacts details via a Maintenance Contract Search

You can use a similar technique to locate maintenance organisation contact details from within the Maintenance Module.

Figure 4. Companies in this role, via maintenance search.

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