Search Example: Reviewing company activity

In this example, we are going to review what known deal activity a particular company has been involved in. This workflow would be useful to users who want to monitor competitor activity or find out more about the experience of their potential customers or partners.

  1. Start in the Deals section, Detail view.
  2. Click add filter, select the Any Participant filter in Deals and select the company or companies you are interested in monitoring, click accept and view the Deals that the company participated in any capacity. Similarly, you can search for a company’s participation in other roles (i.e. Seller, Buyer, Equity Provider, etc.) – see Figure 1.
Figure 1. Deals with AWAS as participant in any role (click image to view full size).

You can also look at what companies the given company you were considering has dealt with in the past. To do this, clear any previous filters that are no longer relevant and select your company / companies of interest in a particular role, i.e. as a buyer and run the search. Let us look at the deals where Debt provider is a bank, a hedge fund or a trust.

  1. Add a column with Equity Provider to the grid. Then click on the hamburger icon and select ‘view companies in this role’ to see the details of companies which have previously worked on deals in the capacity of Equity providers, where the Debt provider was a bank, a hedge fund or a trust – see Figure 2.
  2. You can further fine-tune your search by adding company filters, for instance, looking at the companies from one particular region.
Figure 2. Getting to view companies in a particular role in the Companies section (click image to view full screen).