Search Example: Analysing deals in the year to date

In this example, we are going to review which deals have happened in the year to date to see what deal type is the most popular. Is the most popular type of deal overall the same as the most popular type of deals for the a/c type we are specifically looking at? For this, we shall look at the completed deals from the start of the year until today, and then apply filtering.

  1. Start in the Deals section, Detail tab.
  2. In the Deal Dates & Identification filter, adjust the deal start dates to  1 January and the deal status to Completed.
  3. Run the search and see how many deals have been done.
  4. Go to Summary view, select the grouping by Deal Structure – view the resulting screen in Figure 1.
Figure 1. Completed deals in the year to date by deal structure (click image to view full size).

  1. Let us now consider the deals which involved Boeing 777s. Type 777 in the QFS and select it as the aircraft type. When the page loads we can see that the deal types most popular for 777 are different from those generally popular.
  2. Go to the aircraft in Deal View to see the list of 777 aircraft and what deals they participated in. You can view the details you are interested in by adding/removing columns, including information on the aircraft at the start and end of deal, as well as current (i.e. operator at start of deal, operator at end of deal, current operator). Note that the same aircraft can appear in the list several times if it is involved in several deals.
  3. Click on the Aircraft section, to view the aircraft that participated in the deals in the state they are now. Note: all your filters are preserved and each aircraft will only appear once – see Figure 2.
Figure 2. 777 aircraft that participated in deals in the year to date seen in the Aircraft section (click image to view full size).