Russia/Ukraine fleet data update

Aircraft status

Due to the ongoing situation with Russia/Ukraine, Cirium has adopted a seven-day inactivity rule for Russian-operated aircraft, within our flight-status data. All aircraft involved are checked daily to see if there are periods of inactivity against that tolerance. We return aircraft to service when there is evidence that they are active and operating a series of flights, with one-off ferry flights tracked as storage location changes. When we do observe inactivity, we use the Parked event until more information is known about the ownership situation of the aircraft (see below).

Aircraft registration

We only change an aircraft to a Russian RA- registration when we have confirmed evidence that the aircraft is flying on the new registration. We use the event Re-registered for these instances.

A lot of the airlines have “allocated” sequences of potential RA- registrations to their fleet but we will not change them until they are flying as such.

Leases/aircraft ownership

For Russian-operated lessor-owned aircraft, we are monitoring the situation very closely.

  • Any aircraft outside of Russia prior to the start of the conflict on 24 February will be returned off lease as per our usual working protocols.
  • For aircraft that left Russia after 24 February and up until 28 March, “Lease termination – parked” events will be added to aircraft event histories, with the aircraft shown with its lessor and the ex-lessee removed from the operator field, in line with the termination notices that will likely have been issued by lessors.
  • Aircraft in Russia from the 28 March onwards will have a new event added, “Leasing suspended – government action”, to indicate where a termination notice has likely been issued in line with international sanctions.
    • But we will not make any changes to the operator or owner until the termination has been confirmed officially, which will allow us to correct the event histories accordingly.
    • Confirmation can come via the owner, our ability to observe the aircraft being inactive and complying with the notices, or as the aircraft leaves Russia and heads back to its owner/lessor.
    • We wait for confirmation as we are aware of aircraft still flying in Russia and/or being re-registered rather than comply with the termination notices.
  • If an aircraft stops flying for seven days after the “Leasing suspended – government action” event has been added, then we will replace it with a “Lease termination – parked” event as of the date the aircraft stopped flying.

We continue to speak with leasing and finance customers in this difficult situation and we will endeavour to follow the guidance above but reflect what the leasing community and owners/managers advise us on their specific aircraft’s situation, where the specifics may differ to our methodology above.