Russia/Ukraine fleet data update

As the ongoing situation with Russia/Ukraine persists, Cirium continues to monitor the situation regarding the operation and status of aircraft in both countries.

In particular the ownership of aircraft and the status of leases remain a key focus for our clients and Cirium will continue to reflect the most up to date fleet listings and portfolio’s it can. As with our previous updates, Cirium reflects the various sanctioned aircraft with new events and they are available in Fleets Analyzer alongside their status, lease status and any newly adopted registrations, with of course any aircraft that have returned to their owners/managers.

Different managers and owners of aircraft have differing ways of reporting what is a current asset within their portfolio/fleet, either by choice or by their reporting protocols. Cirium will be adopting a consistent approach to how every portfolio/fleet is reflected in our data as a result. Each aircraft owner will be at differing stages of negotiations, insurance claims or legal action and until Cirium is able to confirm ownership changes or transfers, or until any insurance claims or legal action is concluded, any sanctioned aircraft will continue to be included in the existing owned or managed portfolios/fleets.

As an example, if a Lessor has ongoing insurance or legal claims against aircraft that they own, but have no access to them, they may choose to remove those aircraft from their reporting. Cirium however will not remove those aircraft from that Lessor’s portfolio until the confirmations above have been made. This can result in Cirium’s reporting on portfolios/fleets being higher than that reported by the owner/manager, and we would ask users to consider the sanctioned aircraft within their downloads and analysis of our data.

Cirium will continue to make daily adjustments to our fleet data to reflect the latest news and will continue to work with our clients and suppliers to deliver the most accurate and clearest view of the fleets involved.