Release Notes v7.7

The following new features have been added during this release:

  • Projection (Beta)
  • Aircraft Availability
  • Maintenance section and filters

Projection (Beta)

Projection is currently in beta, and access to Projection at the end of the beta period will be dependent upon your subscription.

The Projection tab has been added alongside the Trend tab on the Aircraft and Aircraft Events sections. Projection is similar to Trend in that it allows you to see how aircraft parameters change over time, but Projection includes assumptions when calculating future events. Projection is where you can look at events such as future maintenance checks for groups of aircraft. For further details on how to use projection, please see the Flight Fleets Analyzer user guide.

Figure 1. Projection showing A-checks and in-service A320s (click image to view full size).

Aircraft Availability

Access to Aircraft Availability data is subscription dependent. The following new columns have been added to the Aircraft Detail tab:

  • Availability Type, if any, on the query date: For Sale; For Lease; For Sale or Lease
  • Availability Listing Start Date
  • Availability Listing End Date
  • Availability Duration to Date (months)
  • Offer Comments
Figure 2. Aircraft Availability columns shown in the Add/Remove column picker (click image to view full size)

This data is also displayed on relevant aircraft profiles, on the A/C History tab.

Figure 3. Sale/lease information on the aircraft profile (click image to view full size)

Maintenance section and filters

A new search section called “Maintenance” has been added. Initially, this section contains only a single tab, Fleet Maintenance (soon to be joined by Maintenance Contracts). Fleet Maintenance list the maintenance needs for operators based upon their current fleet and the intervals they supply to Flightglobal.

Figure 4. British Airways maintenance intervals as displayed in the new Maintenance section (click image to view full size)

Accompanying the new section is a new set of maintenance filters.

Figure 5. New maintenance filters (click image to view full size)