Release Notes v17.3

On Wednesday 16 October we will be releasing the following enhancements:

  • Quick Profile Search now only requires 2 characters
  • Getting Started widget updated with FAQ and Status links
  • Search results tables now display up to 53% more data per page
  • Expand search results tables

Quick Profile Search now only requires 2 characters

Quick Profile Search will now start to show results after entering just 2 characters (previously this was 3). This change will allow you to find aircraft with 2 digit serial numbers, and locate airlines via their 2 character IATA codes.

The Quick Profile Search showing results for “33”.

Getting Started widget updated with FAQ and Status links

The getting Started widget on the Fleets Analyzer homepage has been updated with links to the Fleets Analyzer FAQ, and Cirium products’ status page.

The updated Getting Started widget showing the new links to the FAQ and Status page.

Search results tables now display up to 53% more data per page

Full width results tables

Last month we released a small update that meant that the search results tables always expand horizontally to fill the full browser width. Previously we supported 3 specific widths which matched 3 common monitor resolutions. Since launching Fleets Analyzer, technology has moved on and many of our users now have much wider monitors that support a much greater resolution, with some users already adopting monitors with a 4k horizontal resolution. The change to fully responsive search results tables means that, whatever monitor you use, the search results will always expand to make the best use of the available area, which results in far less horizontal scrolling.

Reduced font size and table row height

In order to further increase the amount of data visible on a single page, we also reduced the font size in the results tables slightly and shortened the row heights. So, in addition to the extra columns available with the ‘full width tables’, you now also get more rows per page than previously.

Depending on your monitor’s resolution, you can now expect to see up to 53% more data in the search results tables without the need to scroll.

The difference on a 2560pixel width monitor. Before (left) and after (right). Click to view full size.
Taking advantage of a dual monitor or ultrawide setup. Click to view full size.

Coming soon – Narrower columns

In addition to the 2 changes outlined above, we’re also changing the default widths of all columns displayed in the search results tables to be narrower, this will result in more columns being visible on each search result page. The default width is currently set by a requirement that the column title must be fully visible, and often the titles e.g. ‘Aircraft Type’, are far wider than the typical column content e.g. ‘707’. To get around this we’ll be allowing the column title to wrap onto a second line, therefore allowing us to reduce the width, while still being able to read the full column title. We hope to release this update within the next week.

The effect of reduced fonts size, shorter rows, and narrower default columns widths. Click to view full size.

Expand search results tables

Fleets Analyzer has always included the option to expand the size of the search results tables, but this option was not obvious to many users. To solve this, and to make the best of the other table enhancements, we moved and changed the “expand table” icon to make it more obvious. This feature is very useful after you have finished the search query, and have moved onto viewing the results.

Using the expand table feature to help explore your search results. Click to view full size.