Looking for the original owner of aircraft

During one of our training sessions at the recent Paris air show, we had a request to bring in “original owner” as a field, in the same way that we have “original operator”. Original operator is a field that was brought into Fleets Analyzer as it was available in our legacy products and is often used by customers. There are nine different company roles that can link a company to a specific aircraft, and operator is just one. Although original owner cannot be added in the same way as original operator, it can still be found (as could original manager etc.).

To find the original owner:

  1. Go to the Aircraft Events section
  2. Use the Events filter and filter by the events shown in Figure 1 below i.e. Delivery events
  3. Click the “Add/Remove Columns” button, and add “new owner” as a column. The “new owner” is the owner just after the event occurs, and as we’re looking at delivery events, this will be the original owner.
Figure 1. Delivery events showing the new owner i.e. the original owner (click to view full size)