Boeing freighter taxonomy changes

We have reviewed and tidied up our aircraft taxonomy for some of the Boeing freighter types.

New sub series have been created as follows:

  • 737-300BDSF
  • 737-300BDQC
  • 737-400BDSF

And the following have been amended to ensure we have a consistent style across the data in line with industry taxonomy

  • 747-400SF has been amended to 747-400BDSF
  • 777-300ER BDSF has been amended to 777-300ERSF.

We have also tidied all sub series so they have no “space” between the various BDSF, BCF suffixes.

We have introduced the following type series for the Boeing 777 for consistency with other Boeing types in our data.

New type series:

  • Boeing 777-200LRF
  • Boeing 777-300ERF
  • Boeing 777-8F

If you have created Saved Searches with any of the types listed above, please check them and update if necessary.