Better aircraft profile search

In this release we are very pleased to announce an update to the Quick Profile Search. The old version of this search allowed you to search for an aircraft via MSN or registration (old, current and future). We had a lot of feedback from users stating that after entering an MSN or registration they still had to scroll through multiple results to find the specific aircraft they were searching for. In this update you can now append your MSN/Reg search with the manufacturer or type in order to further filter your results. This will typically return only a single aircraft. View the animations below to see the new feature in action.

Feature Tip: It’s worth noting that the new Quick Profile Search has been designed to work without the user needing (in most cases) to reach for the mouse. When the Homepage loads, the cursor focus is always in the Quick Profile Search, you can enter the MSN/Reg, hit the ‘Tab’ key, then enter the aircraft type/manufacturer, if this returns only a single result, or your desired result is highlighted, then hitting ‘Enter’ will launch the aircraft profile in a new browser Tab.

The Old Quick Profile Search

Old QPS in action
Old: Searching for an A380 with MSN 123

The new Quick(er) Profile Search

New QPS in action
New: Searching for an A380 with MSN 123