Advanced Air Mobility, commercial electric, and business electric aircraft added to Fleets Analyzer

New ‘Advanced Air Mobility’ Market Sector

Cirium are delighted to introduce a new market sector of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) to our fleets data.  From today in Fleets Analyzer, customers will be able to view the following types with their relevant order commitments.

Manufacturer Type
Airbus Helicopters CityAirbus NextGen
Archer Archer
Beta Technologies ALIA-250
DuFour Aerospace Aero3
EHang EH216
EHang VT-30
Electra Electra
Eve Air Mobility Eve
Joby S4
Lilium Lilium Jet
Overair Butterfly
Vertical Aerospace VX4
Volocopter VoloCity
Volocopter VoloConnect
Wisk Cora

For now, AAM is limited to eVTOLs, but, there are a multitude of other start-up designs in this sector and we will continue to monitor the various programs and consider adding those types once they have financial support or significant enough order commitments.

New Market Classes within the existing Commercial and Business Market Sectors

In addition to the new AAM Market Sector,  we have also added two new Market Classes i.e. Business Electric, and Regional Electric that sit within the Market Sectors of Business, and Commercial respectively.

Manufacturer Type
Airflow M200
Aura Aero ERA
Bye Aerospace eFlyer 800
Eviation Alice
Electra Electra
Heart Aerospace ES-19

We welcome any customer feedback on these new datasets to ensure we continue to meet customer requirements in following the latest developments in this exciting and fast developing sector.

To view in Fleets Analyzer

To view these aircraft in Fleets Analyzer, select the following filters:

  • Market Grouping filter
    • Market Sector = Advanced Air Mobility
    • Market Class = Business Electric
    • Market Class = Regional Electric

The screenshot below shows the filters applied on the Aircraft Summary page, grouped by Manufacturer and Aircraft Type. At today’s date (3rd May 2022), there are 4,863 aircraft included in the results (click the image to view full size.)

Figure 1. Filters applied to show the new AAM, regional electric, and business electric aircraft.