New event type – Registered to Manufacturer

For business aviation and helicopter customers, we have recently introduced a new aircraft event, “Registered to Manufacturer”, for brand-new aircraft for which we do not have an assigned order. This is a “temporary” event until the aircraft is delivered or we discover an order customer – at which point we will overwrite the event with a true order event line and follow it with a delivery event.

This event will allow customers to see production activity for types where order backlogs are not transparent. These aircraft show a status of “on order” but do not have a scheduled delivery date assigned to them.

The image below was taken from the profile of an S-92A with the serial number 920301.

Figure 1: The new event as seen on an aircraft history tab of a profile page (click to view full size)

New ATR Sub Series

As a consequence of the recent ATR announcement regarding the introduction of the ATR 72-600F, and the accompanying order from FedEx, we have added a new Sub Series to the Flight Fleets Analyzer taxonomy.

The new Sub Series is “ATR 72 600F Freighter”, and sits directly under the “ATR 72 600” Master Series. This can be seen in the Aircraft Type filter screenshot shown below.

Figure 1: The new ATR Sub Series as shown in the Aircraft Type filter

Taxonomy changes to the Bombardier DHC-8

We have updated our taxonomy slightly for the Bombardier DHC-8, to enable more flexible searching and allow customers to filter out the type’s Q-Series variants (later-produced versions with a cabin noise suppression system).

For the DHC-8-400, we have renamed the master series from DHC-8-400 to  DHC-8-400 (Q400); i.e. it now includes the marketing name. “(Q400)” has also been added for all relevant type series and subseries aircraft.

For the smaller Q200 and Q300, we have added the description in the type series and, in brackets, to the following subseries:

  • DHC-8-201Q
  • DHC-8-202Q
  • DHC-8-311Q
  • DHC-8-314Q
  • DHC-8-315Q

New aircraft events for aircraft registered to ferry companies

Following feedback from customers, we have added two new events for aircraft registered to ferry companies. This enables us to clearly show what is happening with the aircraft rather than represent them as purchases etc. – typically this is around aircraft with Textron – Beech / Cessna heritage.

The new events are:

  • Transferred to ferry company – parked
  • Transferred from ferry company to customer

Transferred to ferry company – parked

This is used to transfer the ownership to the ferry company as per the register/FAA documentation – often these aircraft are just transferred to Rangeflyers etc …….for admin/paperwork exercises for the ferry part of the transaction.

Transferred from ferry company to customer

This event is applied once the aircraft is in country and typically cancels to the destination country. It could also just be a change of ownership on the same register from the ferry company to the customer.

Both these events can be seen in this history table of aircraft PK-BVS, and is shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1. Both new events shown against an aircraft’s event history (click image to view full size)

Changes to the neo taxonomy

Due to changes in official designations, the following adjustments have been made to the naming convention for the A320 family of neo aircraft.


  • A319-100 ACJ (neo) now reads A319-100N ACJ (neo)
  • A319-100 (neo) now reads A319-100N (neo)
  • A319-151 (neo) now reads A319-151N (neo)
  • A319-151 ACJ (neo) now reads A319-151N ACJ (neo)
  • A319-171 (neo) now reads A319-171N (neo)
  • A319-171 ACJ (neo) now reads A319-171N ACJ (neo)


  • A320-200 (neo) now reads A320-200N (neo)
  • A320-200 ACJ (neo) now reads A320-200N ACJ (neo)
  • A320-271 (neo) now reads A320-271N (neo)
  • A320-271 ACJ (neo) now reads A320-271N ACJ (neo)
  • A320-251 (neo) now reads A320-251N (neo)
  • A320-251 ACJ (neo) now reads A329-251N ACJ (neo)


  • A321-200 (neo) now reads A321-200N (neo)
  • A321-253 (neo) now reads A321-253N (neo)
  • A321-271 (neo) now reads A321-271N (neo)

Revising the Airbus A330 taxonomy

The commercial aviation data research team have recently finished revising the Airbus A330 series structure which will enable customers to filter this data by master series, series and sub series, particularly the A330-200E/X and 300E/X models.

The screenshot below taken from Fleets Analyzer shows that customers are now able to filter right down to the sub series of the A330 type. In the case shown below the A330-200E sub series which is part of the A330-200 master series.

Figure 1. Events for the A330 – 200E

An update on the status of the Paris 2017 orders

All Airbus and Boeing firm orders announced at the 2017 Paris air show have been checked by our data team and compared against OEM data.


The latest Boeing weekly online update was for the week ending 27th June, where there were no further updates. Paris firm orders were recorded the week ending Sunday 25th June in Fleets Analyzer and Ascend Fleet databases.

The June monthly Airbus & Boeing Market status reports will be supplied to us over the coming week. We expect Boeing to formally announce the large amount of 737 MAX conversions to the -MAX 10. At this time, we do not currently show MAX 7/8/9 to MAX 10 conversions within Fleets Analyzer and Ascend Fleets until officially confirmed.


We are expecting confirmation on the Airbus order book post-Paris shortly (3-10th July).

All other OEM’s are up to date.

In summary, we estimate that all data in Fleets Analyzer and Ascend Fleets (including type and series conversions) will reflect the Paris Order announcements + recent delivery status by Wednesday 12th July.

737 Max 10

In line with Boeing’s launch of the 737 Max 10, we have created a new sub series (and master series). Any new order announcements, as well as any model changes, will show under the “new” Max 10 sub series.

Figure 1. 737 Max orders
Figure 1. 737 Max 10 orders